Event Production Agreement

JUNO Client Success (“CSM”) Response Times & Responsibilities (prior to event day):

JUNO’s CSM team operates in accordance with the timeline below. In order to best achieve these response times, communication must be executed via JUNO’s project management system. Items below are based on the planned event date.

  • 12 or more weeks out: 4 business days
  • 6-12 weeks out: 3 business days
  • 2-5 weeks out: 2 business days
  • 1-2 weeks out: 1 business day

As referenced by the Sales Order Form, JUNO team will work with the client to create an SOW to define the Implementation Timeline, which is based on important Client dates; including but not limited to: integration and registration deadlines, content imports, run of show and other key exposure dates as determined by the Client and JUNO. All content required by JUNO must be provided in accordance with the timeline to ensure JUNO is able to comply with the Implementation Timeline. The Implementation Timeline will cut off at least 3 business days prior to event day. Content provided after this time is not guaranteed to be implemented prior to the event day or may require a change request.

JUNO supports a variety of training, including exhibit, speaker, and chatbot training. JUNO will hold open training sessions for these on a weekly basis, with the schedule provided by JUNO at least 2 weeks in advance. We will also provide recordings of all training for self-study usage.

JUNO event day responsibilities:

  • JUNO provides additional sessions and breakout rooms in addition to the licensed sessions and breakout rooms for the Client to facilitate event production. JUNO does not provide event production staff.
  • JUNO technical support will be on hand to troubleshoot issues as they are identified by the client.
  • JUNO technical support will be doing various checks across multiple green rooms to identify if they can assist with general issues, like internet connectivity, hardware connectivity, etc.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all speakers and staff are able to access the platform from the location they will be speaking ahead of any green room time.
  • JUNO is not responsible for providing speaker management services or in-session moderators.
  • JUNO will provide 1 dedicated technical support person – additional resources can be requested through a change request.

Client Responsibilities:

Obligations of the Client are as follows:

  • Client will work with JUNO to agree on an Implementation Timeline that contains all key deliverables from both teams within initial meetings. Deliverables sent to JUNO that do not meet the planned timelines are not guaranteed to be implemented or may require a change request.
  • Communications with JUNO should be through JUNO’s project management system. Communication through other means (i.e., emails), cannot be guaranteed to have the response times noted above.

Appendix A
During the term of your agreement with JUNO you may require additional services to be added on as an amendment to the existing agreement for items that are not included in the current scope of the arrangement. This appendix includes some, but not all, of available additional services and add-ons and corresponding pricing. Items not included on here can be scoped separately as requested.

Dedicated resources or projects that are done on a time and materials (“T&M”) basis have a standard rate of $250 per hour. Requested add-ons subject to resource availability and company blackout dates.

  • Graphic Design Requests (T&M, purchasable in 4 hour blocks)
  • HTML Page Design
  • Parallax header
  • Custom video login design
  • Imaging collateral design
  • Additional integration requests
  • SSO ($5K)
  • Registration integration ($2.5K)
  • Content Integrations (scoping required)
  • Vendor integrations (scoping required)
  • Individualized Trainings (T&M, purchasable in 2 hour blocks)
  • Speaker
  • Staff/ Moderator
  • Exhibitor
  • Additional Technical Rehearsals
  • Technical support email staffed by JUNO for 1st line of defense responses (registration, exhibitor Assistance, etc.)
  • Dedicated resource: T&M basis, dedicated blocks available
  • Monitored by team, responses within 1 business day: 50% of T&M basis for dedicated block of time selected
  • Chatbot & Help Desk staffed by JUNO: T&M basis, dedicated blocks available
  • Additional Green Room support: T&M basis, dedicated blocks available
  • Moderator Support: T&M basis, dedicated blocks available
  • On-site Support: $2,500 per day plus travel & expenses
  • Specialized Analytics

Any Analytics not included in standard offerings ‘found here’: (scoping required)