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Inclusivity is the fuel to brand acceleration. As the digital world expands, developing an inclusive vision and strategy for building community is imperative. Just as Nike connected with all levels of athletes and Apple delivered products to all types of users, every brand must find the universal human connection to their products and services.

What you'll learn

Welcome to Building Inclusive Digital Communities hosted by Josh Hotsenpiller, CEO and Co-Founder of JUNO, and Megan Martin, the Director of Engagement at JUNO. Get ready for insightful episodes revealing the best ideas for digital community engagement and the role of the community engagement platform.

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How can organizations significantly impact people?

How do you increase value, create loyalty and retain members?


How can you show up today as an inclusive brand?

digital community strategy

What should be a part of your digital community strategy?

What the podcast is all about...

We spotlight stories of how non-profit organization leaders, top culture companies, B2B brands, and well-known corporations have created diverse and engaged digital communities. They share what they do to accelerate business outcomes while emphasizing human connection for digital community engagement.

Here, we listen and share ways to create a digital community platform that is an inclusive space for everyone. Get ready for insightful episodes revealing the best strategies for creating content and experiences for groups of people to connect, learn, and grow.

Discover how to stay centered as you lead an inclusive, horizontal knowledge transfer from which everyone benefits. Unlock your brand’s ability to attract, facilitate, and elevate the true meaning of inclusivity. Learn how others are winning while making every single person feel appreciated.

This podcast also breaks down how to attract inclusive voices to your organization and package them in a way that speaks to everyone. Put an end to a society where fragmented messages and siloed processes are rampant and help no one. Curate opinions and perspectives that actually matter to community managers, C-level leaders, and everyday individuals. Do this correctly, and you can establish a brand that leaves no one behind. Give everyone a chance to speak, grow, and learn.

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Meet your hosts

The podcast is hosted by Josh Hotsenpiller, CEO and Co-Founder of JUNO, and Megan Martin, the Director of Engagement at JUNO.

Josh Hotsenpiller

Meet Josh Hotsenpiller

Josh has been at the forefront of community building for over adecade, undertaking complicated projects for leading brands. Having worked for GoPro, HP, United Nations, and other huge names, you can trust him to establish diverse ecosystems. He has what it takes to properly guide stakeholders towards engaging in vast idea sharing and collaborative efforts.

Josh has written numerous workbooks about inclusive community-building. Most of them have been adopted by Fortune 500 companies, helping them attract a more diverse audience while staying true to their core values. He is the man to go to if you want to elevate your organization both within and outside the workplace.

Meet Megan Martin

Megan Martin has worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years as a business event professional, an affiliate faculty member at Metropolitan State University of Denver School of Hospitality, Events and Tourism, and now as director of engagement with JUNO. She is an award-winning best-in-class speaker, and innovative thinker having won the Innovator Award in 2017 from the PCMA Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMPCMA) and a PCMA Visionary Award in 2022. Megan has earned her Certified Meeting Professional and Digital Event Strategists designations. Megan has extensive volunteer experience with many industry organizations, including being President of the PCMA Rocky Mountain Chapter in 2020. Megan grew up on the east coast and currently lives in Montana. She is an outdoor enthusiast, avid baker, and home chef that loves spending time with her dogs, Montana and Byrd, and partner, Jason.

Megan Martin

The digital world is nothing short of transformational.

You have the power to change the game. You have the power to accelerate your brand. You have the power to be the connector, to build that inclusive digital community that makes a difference.

Join Josh and Megan in this journey to bring your brand to the next level by giving every voice a healthy digital community engagement platform where they feel heard.

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